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Ozturk Container Industry & Trade Ltd Co. is one of the most experienced and well developed  manufacturer in the production of  Flatpack  accommodation containers , Office Containers ,Prefabricated buildings, ISO Shipping containers, Stel Construction buildings, Army containers ,Oilfield containers ,Special Shelters,Generator containers,Water treatment Containers and  GSM Security containers   in Turkey since 1984.

Our  total  manufacturing area  is 40.500 m2 in Istanbul… Ozturk container  has the capacity to produce 500 units per month with over 200 people working in the company. 

We have been having a part in the initation of lots of important projects such as mass housing, energy projects such as dam, oil and natural gas projects, sky scrapers, infrastructure, highways, social facilities in Turnkey and more than 80 countries for more than 30 years.

Ozturk container fulfills the demands of its customers more economically, with more quality and faster with the products which are equipped with the advantages of new technology and designs.

With  our productions we create accommodation  camps, contstruction sites, prestige buildings and Office areas  for these projects.

Ozturk container insists on reaching targets and dead-lines on time, carefully planning through all the stages of the project from production to on-site installation and providing full customer-support to ensure a comprehensive performance and impeccable production standards. We plan with our clients as partners for the optimum solution, thus ensuring that all the necessary phases up to project completion are faultless.

Ozturk container operates with a wide logistics network for its products, providing practical logistics services and support. Designed and manufactured with an eye for the smallest detail, Ozturk products are easy to install and we also provide installation support.

We offer quick and affordable housing solutions to the oil and gas, mining and construction industries.With more than 25 years of experience in design, planning, manufacturing and site construction work, clients are assured of quality products and dependable service.

Ozturk container.,which exports more than 80% of its production, creates serious amount of values nationally and internationally by seting up solution partnerships in many countries. While Ozturk container places the importance on the product quality by supplying the materials that it uses in the production from establishments that are leaders in their fields, it continues to be in the leading position in the sector by completing the projects that it undertakes in periods of time that could set records with its experienced application teams.

Ozturk container, which places special importance on the R&D and P&D activities and which comprehends the development of new functions, duties and products that are in line with the requirements of the time as its responsibility, is continuing to create added values in Turkey and in the international platform by producing economical and fast solutions with the proven customer satisfaction values, as well as by offering products and services at the highest quality level under the TSE and ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certificates.

Ozturk container manufacturers,delivers and installs flatpack container to many locations in Middle East, Africa, Europe,South America,Australia and Far East.



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